CycleTrader's 5 Core Indicators

These 5 Core indicators may be all that you will need to be successful with CycleTrader.

This is the easiest way to get started today.

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We have many indicators, and I have been asked several times. "What are your best 4 to 5 indicators? I want to keep it simple."

The correct answer is there are more than 5.

But, these Core 5 will be an easy, simple, direct way to start with CycleTrader Pro.

* We also included the new CycleTrader Tick Range Chart.

Core 5 CycleTrader Indicators

The CycleTrader Core 5 Indicators is a great way to get started.

It will be easy for you to understand these 5 indicators and start to see the market tons better than traditional indicators.

Core 5 CycleTrader Indicators

Core 5 Chart Templates

We also provide a number of successful chart templates to load your indicators with one click. 

Core 5 CycleTrader Indicators

Frequently Asked Page Questions


Will the Core 5 offered work for me right away? I want to make money sooner than later.


The Core-5 is set up for exactly this idea. 1st, to make is a simple move to CycleTrader in the terms of what you have to learn and 2nd, the fastest way to get started.

Core 5
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