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Walter Bressert

Walter Bressert

Did you know our proprietary cycle trading technique was discovered in 1971?

Walter Bressert was one of the first people to conclusively identify cycles in the Futures markets. Bressert created a newsletter based on his findings that had thousands subscribers! 

As a result, Bressert did hundreds of seminars around the world for thousands of traders. He focused primarily on daily and weekly charts, which were hugely popular at the time.

Imagine, there were barely any computers at that time! Bressert just got started with what he had. In fact, in the early days he did all his charting on paper.

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Jerome Bressert

Jerome Bressert

Worked with his father since the 1980's. Get access to all this work today!

Today, his work is carried on by his son, Jerome Bressert, whose focus is day trading models and created 3 new products.

1.) Cycle Trader Course – Jerome put together one of the most comprehensive course to further educate traders around the world using cycles, patterns and all the CT Indicators.

2.) New Indicators – Jerome took all his father’s best indicators and made them even better…with the benefit of technology and a highly-skilled programmer.

Now, the new CycleTRADER Indicators cycles work in REAL-TIME!

3.) CycleTRADER Auto Trading System Engine – Jerome used all his Father’s ideas and all the new CT indicators to build a robust, trading engine that can be customer for each partner.