Aroon Indicator Trading Automatically Using Longer Term Charts on Short Term Charts

The Aroon Indicator is a popular indicators that many trading use when trading to identify trends.

But what would happen if you could use the Aroon Indicator on a short term chart, while plotting a longer term value?

This is exactly how we set up the CycleTrader MadeEasy Indicators. You can just click a different data stream and it will plot the value on your chart live.

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Trade Pattern with Aroon.

The way we set his up using out CycleTrader Auto Trading System Engine is to buy when it crosses and turns Green and Sell when it crosses to the downside and turns Red.

We then apply a simple money management took of taking profits with 1/3 of the contracts twice and letting the balance run for more potential profits. Out exit is always the close of the day, but you can let it run into the night market too.


I ran the system above in the video for 10 more days and had incredible results.