How to Add 19 Indicators to Your Chart Without Adding Any of Them...

Have you ever wanted to get tons of indicator filters on your screen at one time, but couldn’t?

Well now you can… or at least you can see the net result of each indicator. We made this part of the CycleTrader MadeEasy indicator group.

You can add 1 up to 19 different indicators to the group and it will plot if they are Bullish or Bearish as a group.

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How to trade this filter of filter?

You would look at the color and direction of the mass of indicator filters you applied to the #13 filter. 

If it red for example, you would then look to short term indicators like the CT GreenLine to get over bought and turn down. As soon as you see the downturn, take the SELL!

Using the #13 Percentage Indicator of all the indicators has proven to be an excellent tool for our traders to spot trend and trend reversals.