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About CylceTrader Pro

We have developed indicators for traders since the 80’s. It’s been our passion to make indicators  work better so our clients made money more often trusting the math.

This passion grew to the CycleTrader auto trading system. It was not easy to do this, but we got it all done.


 It is essential to to see moves before they happened and cycles do this for you.

Our focus is mostly day trading. We provide traders with a real trading advantage over other traders using better indicators that show trends and reversals.

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People ask us all the time…” why do we do this and not just keep it for yourself”? It’s because when we develop these ideas for others, we create better plans for us too. It’s a win-win. Plus, we like working with other traders.

Bressert Family Time Line in Business


Mission Statement​ –

To create and provide real time cycle determination trend and reversal indicators to the common trader around the world. Create the right education and courses to teach the patterns that have proven to work. To continue to create auto trading systems inputs that make money consistently using CycleTrader Indicators and chart patterns.

Jerome Bressert​ –

I am Walter Bressert’s son, Jerome Bressert. I stayed very close to my father who molded me directly and indirectly since I was seven years old. I professionally got in the business from 1988 to 2003 as a commodities broker.

In 2003, I semi-retired and took 12 years off to do real-estate in Arizona and Chicago.

In 2015, I decided to come back to the business to develop new indicators for traders. It’s my passion to make things that work better than others.

Walter Bressert

Walter advanced the conception of market cycles for trading. He performed hundreds of seminars educating traders throughout the world how to trade using his advanced cycles work. He had over 10,000 customers buy his indicators and over 5,000 actual newsletter subscribers to his HAL Newsletter.

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