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It all originated back in 1971 with my brilliant dad, Walter Bressert.


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Walter advanced the conception of market cycles for trading. He performed hundreds of seminars educating traders throughout the world how to trade using his advanced cycles work. He had over 10,000 customers buy his indicators and over 5,000 actual newsletter subscribers to his HAL Newsletter.

His son, Jerome Bressert, stayed close to his father and molded with him directly and indirectly since he was ten years old. then in 2002 when Walter Retired, Jerome took 15 years off to do real-estate. Recently, back in 2015, appeared again to the profession of devising indicators for traders. This plan soon developed, and he added auto trading systems to the product mix to auto trade the concepts shown on the charts.

Jerome recognized that there was a significant need for education for self-directed traders and system traders.

For this deduction, he formulated the instructional component of the CycleTrader business with website pages for each indicator, system input, and trading strategy.

He includes what indicators you could have applied on the charts and how to interpret them. These ideas have demonstrated to be amazingly valuable and informative. You can discover from these fresh new videos approaches and methods to your future trading days. It's similar to having a private guide/mentor at a portion of the expense.

His focus is day trading patterns and formulating ideas never thought of before to give traders a true trading advantage over other traders with two products.

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