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Welcome to CycleTRADER (CT) products and services – At CT, we are always looking for an advantage in trading the markets and share these ideas with our customers. Our latest proven concepts come from our Volume Difference Indicators and how we plot these differences.

We went a step further by adding these values into almost all of our other valued indicators to improve their trend and reversal indications. The goal is to see momentum as it happens and not after it already happened. Catch the moves you wish you could have!

If you are here to become a better trader, then you need the right tools. CT delivers on this concept. The Matrix Series and Indicators are one-of-a-kind coded ideas of combining all our best indicators into one charted indicator that truly acts like a regular chart with swing highs and lows.

Take your time and read more on each of the links below. We put up quick videos on each page to summarize the page to help you decide if CT is a good fit for you.

Use CycleTrader's Volume Difference Indicators to get in on moves like these

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