CycleTRADER Indicators

Our company principles have remained consistent… to imagine and produce a better strategy for trading the markets with custom indicators, systems, and education. We formulate these approaches for our clients, so they can build confidence when trading their accounts, and the ideas we design benefit our progress to be better traders too – by helping others.

CycleTRADER Smooth Chart Types

Why imagine a new chart type?

Smooth Chart Types were aimed out of the intention to clean up the confusion on standard charts.

It is easy to see when and how to stay with market trends longer using Smooth Charts. Visually see trend reversals as they occur in real time.

CycleTRADER Matrix Indicator - Game Changer

For the first time ever, you will be able to add a group of indicators together into one indicator and give your own turn value to it as a weighted value.

CycleTRADER Auto Trading Strategies

The Matrix Auto Trading System was born just days after The Matrix Indicator was released. 

The Matrix indicator mix uses the best CycleTRADER’s Indicators and plots in a chart format.

CycleTRADER Day Trading Course

Without following specific chart patterns, one might as well take a gallon of paint, throw it onto a canvas, and pray that it looks as good as if he was attempting to paint a portrait of a brilliant sunset on the beach, with clouds mirroring on the ocean.

What is our story? How did we get here?

My name is Jerome Bressert, and I am the son of Walter Bressert.

I have been in the business for 31 years as a broker and longer as a student of my dad, Walter Bressert. As a broker I watched thousands of clients lose money trading. 

The question was, could we change this pattern? Was it their mindset, or their indicators did not work? Or both?

My real passion is to beat the markets as I did with Vegas.

Could we create indicators that could show a better trend model pattern and then have the right mindset to trade these?

The result is we did!

We love teaching others how to follow the CycleTRADER Indicators, and we put together a day trading course to give them the right mindset to beat the markets.

The only thing standing in their way now is their brain. Get the heck out of the way of your thoughts and use what works.

Trading can be lonely, and now we have thousands of friends. We even set up a trading room for people to come to and chat about ideas and become better traders.

We love what we do and teach others to do great trading!


Nothing is better than to take a trader who was always losing and make them consistent.


Back in 2014, after taking ten years off,  I decided to take a look at the old ProfitTrader indicators that my father developed. He had over 115 of them. I went through each one, and unfortunately, I could only use the DoubleStoch (GreenLine and YellowLine) and the B-Line (RedLine). All the other ones were too dated by 10 to 20 years and did not follow any of the ideas I wanted to present and where we are now.

Remember this if you do or do not decide to join us. Trading is all math. I am not any smarter than any other trader. I do not tell people that I can do better than them. Day Trading is momentum based and you just need the right indicators and the right math to follow and you can be a great trader.


The great Walter Bressert – My everything – I miss him every day.

Walter advanced the conception of market cycles for trading. He performed hundreds of seminars educating traders throughout the world how to trade using his advanced cycles work. He had over 10,000 customers buy his indicators and over 5,000 actual newsletter subscribers to his HAL Newsletter

After evaluating the two indicators I was going to start with, I discovered they were one bar behind. Then after further discovery, I learned almost all indicators are just moving averages illustrated a different way to show the trend and update at the end of the bar. Meaning – they were always 1 bar behind when calculated.

Yes, everything you see here started with two outdated, slow-moving, behind the times’ indicators.

This was not adequate if we were to develop indicators and ideas that worked in real-time. (Or as close as we could to be in real-time, without following false turns).

This began the three-plus year journey to where you see we are today on this site with all the new fantastic new indicators.

It was not easy; we went through many programmers along the way until we discovered one of the best that could take our concepts and make them a reality. He is indeed one of a kind, and we could not have done it without him.

During the journey, we had to do a lot of software updates as we discovered new improved ideas to show the trend in real time.

We then did lots of changes to the site to present these ideas better.

We did many changes to the auto trading systems to get it right.

What seemed at first, was an incredible task, it slowly came together, and as of Feb 2019, we feel we have succeeded.


In late 2018, we introduced the VMI (Volume Momentum Indicator. In Feb of 2019, we landed The Matrix Indicators. The next day, we started the development of The Matrix Auto Trading System based on the current outline of the NinjaTrader 8 system design.

The system will be using the power of The Matrix Indicator. It only took me one day of live trading with it to be a true believer in it and make this a priority.

Along with our journey,  we produced the following ideas to show the momentum of the market as it happened in real-time so our clients could be consistent with their trades.

  • Close Strength Value
  • Tick Momentum
  • Level 1 and 2 Volume levels
  • OPs up and Down
  • Legs Up and Down
  • Added new look and cycles to all the indicators
  • CycleWave
  • OHL Medium
  • Open/Close Double SMA
  • HAL,1,2,3
  • Swing High/Low Trend
  • PPI
  • Six more Double Stochs
  • MadeEasy Indicators
  • Smooth Charts
  • A complete auto trading system that uses all this work – and now the new Matrix Systems.
  • Online Day Trading Course
  • Newsletter
  • Zone Day Trading Chat Room
  • CycleTRADER Matrix System
  • …and much more!

Enough about us, let’s talk about you…

  • Why are you here?
  • What has been your biggest trading challenges?
  • What are your true trading goals to set you free?
  • Do you want to improve your trading style?
  • Do you find yourself getting in too early or late?

Are you open to try proven algorithms, chart patterns, and education?

If you can say yes, then let’s connect with us, and see if we have a solution for you to make money day trading?