Bressert Indicators / Systems started back in the early 80's. We have been a leader in indicators from the time Walter Bressert introduced them.

There are lots of people trying to copy what we already have produced. Have you ever been in a trade and not know the next move? We have solved this problem with the right math in CycleTrader Indicators and applying using volume delta with cycles.

We backed CycleTrader's work up with education...including free trading courses and patterns.

Start to make real money day trading the markets.


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Customer Comment – Indicators – Oct 25th, 2019

Jerome, I have been trading for 30 years. About a decade ago I hooked up with your Dad, Walter. I used his paper based system on another piece of software. I am pleased to tell you that the cycle trader pro plug in, I bought, works perfectly and is stable.

This is the best streaming product I have seen. More than paid for itself in the first trade.

Paul W – Day Trader

Today's End Of Day ES 500 Chart

Dec 4th, ES500 15-Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart
Dec 4th, ES500 15-Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart
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