Trading Indicators and System Strategies for NinjaTrader

When you set the new DSI indicator settings to 1 length and 5 average, you can almost catch all market turns as they happen using the new CycleTrader Smooth chart combination.
I always have commented on the fact that there are thousands of indicators in the world to try to make sense of the chaos on regular charts.
But what if the chart was already smooth?
Then your indicators would be smoother too.
Makes sense!

We specialize in Trading Indicators | Auto Trading System Strategies, Smooth Charts and Cycles.

To be successful with any trading system strategy, it is important to resolve 4 parts of the trading decisions.

  1. Trend – You have to know to buy or sell at the moment.
  2. Entry Price – You need a good entry price to set up #3, your exit.
  3. Exit Price – Pick the max profits but don’t give away the farm trying to do so.
  4. Stop trading for the day – The markets can change trends 3 to 5 times a day, take you money and go home and be happy.

We programmed all 4 parts of this equation into the CycleTrader System Strategies. We use algorithms based on our CycleTrader Indicators and Smooth Chart Types, to enter and exit the markets in real time.

Customer Comment – As soon as I saw the ease of use with your system and how well you treat your customers I was sold. I bought your system yesterday and it’s been great.  Tom – Arizona Day Trader

Customer Comment – 10-4-18 –  Jerome,  Of all the systems I have looked at over the years, I haven’t seen anything like this…you did an amazing job on how it all came together and works so perfectly!  Thanks….  Frank, CA System Trader

New! – CycleTrader Smooth Chart types for NinjaTrader –

You can now for the first time take the chaos out of the markets and indicators with Smooth Charts. Learn More –
We created 5 Smooth Charts
  • Minutes
  • Volume
  • Renko
  • Tick
  • Daily

Customer Comment - ..I'm learning the smooth charts and I'm loving it. You have developed a great system.

Tom - Day Trader - AZ
ES Smooth 5 Min Chart with 18 Average and Mode 5 Setting –

Learn more about modes.

ES Smooth 5 Min Chart with 18 Average and Mode 1 Setting –

Learn more about modes.

Customer Comment - P.S. I made $2900 yesterday and just made $950 already this morning using two different length SMOOTH NQ charts overlayed on each other..

John L Day Trader
Buy when the Smooth Chart bar is green and sell when red.

I created the CycleTrader Smooth Chart Types because all developers (including myself), have for years, been working to make sense of the normal chaos on every chart, by developing indicators to show trends. We have finally resolved this mess with the Smooth Charts.

Previously, every indicators’ data came from the charts, and if the charts were up, down, sideways, then the indicators were similar. Now, with our Smooth Chart Types, your indicators will follow with the same smooth patterns, making trend recognition a breeze.

All the indicator’s data comes from the charts, and if the charts are up, down, sideways, then the indicators will be similar. But, if the charts are smooth, then your indicators will follow with the same patterns.

Customer Comment - 10/11/18 - Thanks. Made $1525 today & it’s still going

Shailesh P - Chicago CT System Client

When you have the best charts (Smooth Charts)… then your Trading Indicators become smooth and the Trading System Strategies are more accurate… We use the CycleTrader Indicators and the new Smooth Chart Types in everything do.

Customer Comment - I'm on vacation this week in the Grand Tetons and wanted to take a look at the market this morning. Couldn't help but take the trade on the NQ because your indicators made it so obvious that I couldn't resist. Did over 40 points on one move. Made my wife real happy, but had to promise not to turn on the computer for the rest of the vacation. Thanks for the wonderful work you and your team have done

Thomas, NQ Trader
This chart is the chart Tom from the customer comment just above sent to me on how he entered the market to make 40 NQ points using the DSI, OHL, Smooth Chart and MSI indicator

The Hot new DSI (Double Smooth Indicator) – Indicator is here!

DSI (Double Smooth Indicator) is the purple line. Very Directional and works well with Smooth Charts. 

New!  Learn more about the new DSI Indicator – It is smooth and better than anything we have developed and it is all part of NinjaTrader 7 and 8.

Learn More – Here —– & —– Here




Customer Comments – Read More Comments – Here

"The content of the program is excellent!... I can't imagine how anyone can consistently trade the S&P without understanding the material you teach (cycles)."

T. K. Day Trader

“Just wanted to say that you have done probably the most amazing job of programming everything in that I have ever seen! I use Tradestation as my main platform but now will be using Ninjatrader just as much if not more thanks to the great work you did.”

Renee - Day Trader

“I liked the indicator after further evaluation and purchased it. It’s exactly how I like to trade. It looks like a truly valuable help to use in real time trading. You really have great products for my purposes. I’m clearly aligned with where you are positioning to take advantage of the market.”

Adam - Day Trader

"I have never seen anything like this... My broker couldn't believe it. I bought near the bottom and got out near the top... It picks the bottoms in a Bull Market... It is great!"

Dave R. - Day Trader

"If I had found this 5 years ago, I would be a lot richer. This is the best I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen my share. I have been at this for a long time."

Robert L. CA

Just wanted to say that you have done probably the most amazing job of programming everything in that I have seen!! I use TS as my main platform, but will now be using NT just as much if not more! Thanks to the great work you did.

Fred R. Day Trader