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We specialize in Trading Indicators | Auto Trading System Strategies, Smooth Charts and Cycles. But remember trading is a personality, you still have to have a winning attitude. The indicators will help you gain confidence to be a better trader.

To be successful with any trading system strategy, it is important to resolve 4 parts of the trading decisions.

  1. Trend – You have to know if you are going to buy or sell at the moment.
  2. Entry Price – You need a good entry price to set up #3, your exit.
  3. Exit Price – Pick the max profits but don’t give away the farm trying to do so.
  4. Stop trading for the day – The markets can change trends 3 to 7 times a day. This reason is why most people have a difficult time making money. When you have a profit… take it! and take your money and go home and be happy.

We programmed all 4 parts of this equation into the CycleTrader System Strategies. We use algorithms based on our CycleTrader Indicators and Smooth Chart Types, to enter and exit the markets in real time.

People ask me why I do this?  The simple answer is it helps me create better ways to trade the markets. My dad, Walter Bressert has been in this business since 1971. It’s in our blood.

The goal has always been to create better results!

Read what others recently have wrote about CycleTrader –

Customer Comment – 10-4-18 –  Jerome,  Of all the systems I have looked at over the years, I haven’t seen anything like this…you did an amazing job on how it all came together and works so perfectly!  Thanks….  Frank, CA System Trader

Customer Comment – 11-3-18 –   I love this product! Thanks – Lama

Customer Comment – 9-13-18 – As soon as I saw the ease of use with your system and how well you treat your customers I was sold. I bought your system yesterday and it’s been great.  Tom – Arizona Day Trader

Customer Comment 11-2-18 – I just wanted to compliment you on your software. Since I bought it a few days ago it’s been nothing short of spectacular!! I never thought trading could be such a success…. Not once have I ever had this kind of success or confidence in taking a trade! I only wish I was onboard with CycleTrader years ago. Would have saved me a ton of money to say the least. Robert M, FL

Customer Comment 10-2-18 – I’m learning the smooth charts and I’m loving it. You have developed a great system.​ Tom – Day Trader – AZ

Customer Comment 9-22-18 – P.S. I made $2900 yesterday and just made $950 already this morning using two different length SMOOTH NQ charts overlayed on each other..​ John L.

Customer Comment – 10/11/18 – Thanks. Made $1525 today & it’s still going – Shailesh P – Chicago CT System Client

Customer Comment – 10-1-18 – I’m on vacation this week in the Grand Tetons and wanted to take a look at the market this morning. Couldn’t help but take the trade on the NQ because your indicators made it so obvious that I couldn’t resist. Did over 40 points on one move. Made my wife real happy, but had to promise not to turn on the computer for the rest of the vacation. Thanks for the wonderful work you and your team have done​ – Thomas, NQ Trader

Customer Comment – 11-7-18 – Once again you amaze me with your market insight and how to significantly leverage ideas into your trading software…At the same time, P/L Manager looks and sounds like a huge step ahead in managing portfolio trading. Adam, CA trader