Bressert Indicators / Systems started back in the early 80's. We have been a leader in indicators from the time Walter Bressert introduced them.

There are lots of people trying to copy what we already have produced. Have you ever been in a trade and not know the next move? We have solved this problem with the right math in CycleTrader Indicators and applying using volume delta with cycles.

Why do we do this? Right? It's in my blood from my father Walter Bressert to help other traders achieve their dreams. All they needed were the right trading tools and that is what we provide here.

Start to make real money day trading the markets.

Customer Comment – Oct 25th, 2019

Jerome, I have been trading for 30 years. About a decade ago I hooked up with your Dad, Walter. I used his paper based system on another piece of software. I am pleased to tell you that the cycle trader pro plug in, I bought, works perfectly and is stable.

This is the best streaming product I have seen. More than paid for itself in the first trade.

Paul W – Day Trader


CycleTrader Indicators


CycleTrader Strategies

Customer Comment – Indicators – Oct 18th, 2019

I really like the new indicators and cycle timing tools; I will be buying the NT8 version if it’s still $495 when my trial is complete. Your dad’s ProfitTrader software for Metastock and TradeStation (I bought both of them, but no longer use MS or TS, only NT8) was terrific, and now you’ve taken his superb ideas and come up with something even more effective.

Donald P / Day Trader, Puru

Cycles - Timing Your Trades

CycleTrader is the long lasting software where you will see cycle appear on your charts automatically. 

There is one things you can count on 100% of the time… CYCLES!  Yes, there will always be a cycle high and cycle low. It will never stop happening.

Trading Cycles - Greek Cycles

Directional and Reversal Chart Indicators

This is how it all started back in the ’80s. Walter Bressert designed some of the very first custom indicators.

In 2014, Jerome Bressert, his son, took over and super advanced all these indicators and created many more amazing new ones.

The math and coding used to create the CycleTrader Indicators will help you believe in the trade trend or reversal patterns.

Each indicator tells a new story you won’t be to see otherwise.

We offer a free demo for these indicators and back it up with lots of education.

Don’t be wondering if you could have done better trading today if you had better tools and education? Get involved with CycleTrader Pro. We welcome you!

Dec 5th, ES500 15-Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart

Chart Patterns

CycleTrader has created all unique ways to evaluate the markets using chart patters.

  1. 4 to 9 Bar Cycle Count
  2. Trading / Greek Cycles
  3. Ops Up / Ops Down
  4. Legs Up / Legs Down
  5. Above / Below Current Open
  6. Never Be Left Behind
  7. Keltner Bands
  8. Moving Averages
  9. Swing Highs / Lows
  10. OHL Medium Ranges
  11. Live Fibonacci Bar Ranges – CT 23
  12. Swing High Low % Range – CT 24
  13. Support / Resistance Levels
Above - Below Current Bars Open - CT 12
Swing High - Low Trend Patterns - CT 14

Trading Courses and Education

At CycleTrader Pro, we see the value to make sure you understand how to not only see how to use CT Indicators and patterns, but also learn how to make them part of your everyday trading. We are constantly adding new ideas and trade patterns to the mix for our members to prosper from.

We have found over an over once our members get the concepts and understand the value of each indicator, they cannot trade without them.

We created these indicators because they did not exist. Now, they do here at CycleTrader.

Larger Bressert Primary Cycles

Auto Trading Systems Strategies

CycleTrader Auto Systems is a menu of on/off functions that incorporate all the CycleTrader Indicators and patterns we teach into a way to automate the process

This project was a lot larger than we thought at first, but today, we can say we have arrived.

We even provide preset inputs for fast start.

CycleTrader Pro ES - 1001 Trade Summary Results​ Pages

Today's End Of Day ES 500 Chart

Dec 11th, ES500 15-Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart
Dec 11th, ES500 15-Minute CycleTrader Pro Chart

Customer Comment – Indicators – Dec 13th, 2019

Jerome, I used the Ops, GreenLine, Bressert Trading Cycles in the NASDAQ emini this morning> (Dec 13th). It gave me the confidence to buy the opening using your Never Be Left Behind method with low dollar risk. I was able to use the GL and Greek Cycle Indicator to exit with $2350 profit!!!  Thank you! 

Bader – LA, Day Trader.  

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