How do you make money trading auto system?

The answer is CycleTrading Automatic Trading Systems. You need to be ahead of the curve and maximize profits while reducing risk in real time. This was not easy because it is all math driven… and no exact pattern is the same as the last… thus 1+1 does not always equal 2 for market trading patterns and it makes this process difficult at best. 

To be successful trading any auto systems,  you need to resolve 4 parts of trading –
1. Trend 
2. Entry Price
3. Exit Price
4. Stop trading for the day.
We were able to program all 4 parts of this 4 part equation into CycleTrader System using algorithms based on our  CycleTrader Indicators to enter and exit the markets in real time. 

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Customer Comments going back years.

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"The content of the program is excellent!... I can't imagine how anyone can consistently trade the S&P without understanding the material you teach (cycles)."

T. K. Day Trader

“Just wanted to say that you have done probably the most amazing job of programming everything in that I have ever seen! I use Tradestation as my main platform but now will be using Ninjatrader just as much if not more thanks to the great work you did.”

Renee - Day Trader

“I liked the indicator after further evaluation and purchased it. It’s exactly how I like to trade. It looks like a truly valuable help to use in real time trading. You really have great products for my purposes. I’m clearly aligned with where you are positioning to take advantage of the market.”

Adam - Day Trader

"I have never seen anything like this... My broker couldn't believe it. I bought near the bottom and got out near the top... It picks the bottoms in a Bull Market... It is great!"

Dave R. - Day Trader

"If I had found this 5 years ago, I would be a lot richer. This is the best I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen my share. I have been at this for a long time."

Robert L. CA

Just wanted to say that you have done probably the most amazing job of programming everything in that I have seen!! I use TS as my main platform, but will now be using NT just as much if not more! Thanks to the great work you did.

Fred R. Day Trader